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Maps and info on the Settlements in East Jerusalem
2. Pre-1967 Jerusalem The Old City Jordanian Jerusalem 1,500 Acres 9,000 Palestinians Israeli Jerusalem 9,500 Acres 150,000 Jews
3. A New Municipal Border Following the 67 war, Israel annexed some 18,000 acres to Jerusalem, based on strategic and military considerations Post-1967 Jerusalem
4. Ramallah Bethlehem Palestinian Neighborhoods Jewish Neighborhoods Municipal Border 28 Palestinian villages were annexed to Jerusalem. Those Palestinians got permanent residency in Israel (not full citizenship)
5. Israel confiscated some 5,250 acres in East Jerusalem to build Jewish neighborhoods. In 2010 there are 190,000 Israelis in East Jerusalem and over 250,000 Palestinians. Palestinian Neighborhoods Jewish Neighborhoods Municipal Border Bethlehem Ramallah
6. Palestinian Neighborhoods Jewish Neighborhoods Municipal Border Bethlehem Ramallah Neve Ya’acov Pisgat Ze’ev Atatrot Industrial Area Rmot The French Hill Ramot Eshkol Gilo Har Homa East Talpiyot Ramat Shlomo
7. Possible Solution “ The general principle is that Arab areas are Palestinian, and Jewish ones are Israeli.” “ The Clinton Plan”, December 2000
9. Potential Border Line
10. The Israeli Busses of Jerusalem The Palestinian Busses of Jerusalem Jerusalem is already de-facto divided
11. Threats on the two states solution:
12. Palestinian Neighborhoods Jewish Neighborhoods Municipal Border Planned Neighborhoods 1. Large Israeli neighborhoods, initiated by the Israeli Government, in order to isolate East Jerusalem from the West Bank
13. Palestinian Neighborhoods Jewish Neighborhoods Municipal Border Planned Neighborhoods Neve Ya’acov North National Park Har Homa Nof Zion Atarot Residents Givat Hamatos E1 Ras El-Amud Givat Yael Sheikh Jarrah Agan Ha’ayalot
14. 2 . Settlements in the heart of the Palestinian neighborhoods
16. 350 250 900 35 125 30 20 Total: 2,000 Settlers 15
17. Every settler receives personal security guards from the state The Ministry of Housing paid NIS 54 Million for the guards of East Jerusalem in year 2009 Settlers Houses in Silwan
19. "Our goal is to hold on to outposts in East Jerusalem, to create an irreversible situation around the Old City.“ Adi Mintz, board member of the Elad Association Settlers house in Wadi Hilweh (Silwan)
20. The Old City Wadi Hilweh (Silwan) Jerusalem The Model of the EJ settlements: Elad Association in Silwan
o Settlement
o Buying residential homes
The total value of Elad’s property: In 2006 - 159,536,162 NIS In 2007 - 211,044,000 NIS Residential Homes According to Elads’ reports
22. 2. Ideological Tourism Elad Association is operating the tourist site of “The City of David” in Wadi Hilweh The activity budget of Elad 45,137,000 NIS Tourist Sites According to Elad’s reports
23. In 2006 Elad invested NIS 2,394,635 For Tours for Soldiers No. of visitors in the City of David In year 2000 – 10,000 In year 2008 – 400,000 In October 2009, the Minister of Education allocated 15 Million NIS per year to bring every Israeli pupil to visit Jerusalem
24. 3. Archeology and Tunneling In 2007, Elad and Keren Shalem Associations paid some 10,980,068 NIS for Archeological Diggings in Silwan Tunnels
25. A Tunnel in Silwan
26. The underground diggings increase the tensions around the holy places From the Arab Press:
27. Cameras & Security
28. in 9.8.2005 the Sharon Government adopted the following resolution (no. 4090): " To bolster Jerusalem's status as the capital of the State of Israel and to allocate NIS 50 million in each of the budget years of 2006-2013 for the renovation, development, and maintenance of the Old City basin and the Mount of Olives. ” Another NIS 10 million will be allocated from the budget of the Ministry of Tourism. This plan is meant to copy the model of Silwan to other areas around the Old City The Governmental Plan
29. The map of the Parks around the Old City – from the Governmental Plan
33. The Beit Orot Compound “ The Archeological Experience” Tent at the Emek Tzurim Park, run by the Elad Association
35. Ma’ale Hazeitim compound in Ras El-Amud The Elad Association conducts educational weekends for soldiers at the Seven Arches hotel on the Mount of Olives, and the religious public is invited to spend weekends at the hotel.
36. The settlements in East Jerusalem are a threat to the two states solution and might lead us to a bi-national State

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