sábado, 31 de julio de 2010

Peace Now Welcomes the Decision to Criminally Investigate Kiryat Netafim

Following the Peace Now petition against illegal construction in Kiryat Netafim, the State informed the Israeli Supreme Court today that the police have opened an investigation on suspicion of violation of a previous interim order. The interim order forbade any construction in the project of 15 houses at Kiryat Netafim, that began with no official planning permission and no building permits approved.
The state further clarified it intended to continue to promote the construction project through the legal channels subject to the evacuation and sealing of all occupied buildings (six of them).
Peace Now welcomed the decision to criminally investigate, but rejects the plans to continue to promote the project "The government is sending a double message to the settlers. On the one hand they open an investigation over illegal construction, but on the other hand they allow the offenders to evacuate the buildings at their own will, yet they continue to live in the buildings without legal approval."

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